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Relax every part of your body and forget all the worries that keep you from loading and at the same time reducing the cellulite at the Elision Day Spa in Ludhiana!

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Many physicians have recommended massage as a therapeutic method since ancient times. Beginning with Hippocrates, Galen or Celsus, in their works, they speak of positive effects on the human body using massage or rubbing, as they call it at the time.

The massage relaxes and raises the mood. It stimulates the secretion of the serotonin-hormone of happiness, nourishes and revitalises the skin. It is especially recommended for people who are stressed and who feel exhausted and exhausted. After a relaxing massage we are overwhelmed with feelings of immense happiness and satisfaction.

The massage improves blood circulation around the body, allowing it to bring more oxygen, and to treat excess harmful substances from the cells. It helps the painful muscles, improves the skin’s and body’s fluidity, improves the body’s resistance and acts anti-stress.

Anticellulite massage

The characteristics of cellulite are to worsen and expand over time and not pass by itself. For the development of cellulite, a combination of several factors is responsible: estrogen, genetics, insufficient water intake, wrong nutrition, insufficient movement and lifestyle.

Anti-cellulite massage as part of a weight loss program can offer you the best way to solve cellulite with free advice from professional staff and answer to every question you have.

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